Is the Samsung Galaxy S25 Plus dead? Reports conflict on 2025 line

Is the Samsung Galaxy S25 Plus dead? Reports conflict on 2025 line

Samsung may opt against releasing a Galaxy S25 Plus phone next year, according to a new report. However, a second source affirms the Plus model is here to stay in 2025.

Firstly, an Android Headlines report cites purported evidence the company could eschew the middle child of the flagship S-Series range.

The report, which seems far from conclusive, has identified model numbers for a potential Galaxy S25 series of devices. However, the various IMEI numbers spotted indicate the absence of a Plus model, the report says.

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While leaks from this time last year informed the same publication that the usual trio of Galaxy ‘S’ devices – which date all the way back to the dawn of the touchscreen smartphone era – were on the way for the 2024 line-up, this year’s database leaks suggests only a pair will launch in 2025.

The report says the “SM-S931B/DS” numbers represent the S25, while the numbers SM-S938B, SM-S938U, SM-S938N, and SM-S9380 represent the would-be Galaxy S25 Ultra in various territories around the world.

The S25+ indicators, the report says, are conspicuous by their absence. This rationale seems quite flimsy – after all, there’s still around six months before Samsung is expecting to release the phones and databases may not yet be complete.

Galaxy Club appears to refute the claims with its own reporting citing evidence of internal codenames for the S25, S25+ and S25 Ultra. It also claims to have spied evidence of a model number SM-S936, which could straddle the standard and Ultra edition phones.

Our reviewer gave the Galaxy S24 Plus a four-star review and praised the larger and faster screen, long battery life, and the addition of Galaxy AI. However, the camera set up identical to the S22 Plus was deemed to be a little long in the tooth.

Would you miss the Samsung Galaxy S25 Plus if it were cut from the team next year? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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