Vision Pro now available for UK pre-order – here's what you need to do

Vision Pro now available for UK pre-order – here's what you need to do

Apple has finally made its Vision Pro headset available to pre-order in the UK, giving Brits an opportunity to enter the company’s era of spatial computing.

The UK is one of five new countries outside the US able to place an order for the device, which will be available from July 12 on UK soil.

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In the UK, the device costs £3,499, which makes it significantly more expensive for UK consumers than it is in the United States. The US price is $3,499 which comes out at around £2,770 with a direct currency conversion.

Just like in the US, Brits can book an in-store demonstration to experience the Vision Pro (highly recommended) before they purchase. You can begin the process by following this link and signing in with your Apple ID, and choosing a nearby Apple location

If you feel like you’re ready to buy, you can skip this step and go through the virtual fitting process to ensure your Vision Pro is tailored to your individual specs.

This involves scanning the image below with the iPhone camera app and following the prompts. This will launch an App Clip from the Apple Store app and use Face ID to scan your head a couple of times.

Vision Pro scanVision Pro scan
Face ID scan vision proFace ID scan vision pro

After this process is complete the Apple Store page will store the fit and you can complete your purchase. You’ll need to choose your storage size, Apple Care options and whether you want to add your prescription lenses.

The Vision Pro has been available in the United States since February. Sales aren’t thought to have met expections (although official numbers haven’t been revealed by Apple). It remains to be seen whether it’ll take off among UK Apple fans.

Are you planning to buy a Vision Pro? Or are you waited for the cheaper version reportedly coming next year? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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