How to quickly and easily get more space in Google Drive

How to quickly and easily get more space in Google Drive

As the storage limit for Google Drive is just 15GB and shared between Workplace, Gmail and Google Photos, it’s a common frustration to find yourself out of space. 

Luckily there are workarounds to quickly get more space for your files, without needing to upgrade to a Google One account.

Read on to see our tips on how to get more space in Google Drive. 

What you’ll need:

  • Google account with access to Google Drive

The short version:

  • Open Google Drive
  • Select Settings
  • Click on Manage Storage
  • Sort files by size
  • Select files you can either download or delete
  • Move files to bin
  • Empty bin
  1. Step

    Open Google Drive

    There are a few ways you can open Google Drive. If you use Google Chrome you can simply type Drive into the search bar or open it via a new tab, as shown here.
    Google workspace options with Drive highlighted

  2. Step

    Select Settings

    In the top right, click on the icon and select Settings.Google Drive homepage with Settings open

  3. Step

    Click on Manage Storage

    Here you will see how much storage space you’ve used. Remember, the free limit for Google Drive is 15GB.Google Drive Storage information with Manage storage highlighted

  4. Step

    Sort files by size

    Although this isn’t necessary, we’d recommend sorting files from largest to smallest so you can quickly sift through the bigger and potentially no longer needed documents.Google Drive storage, with Storage used option highlighted

  5. Step

    Select files you can either download or delete

    To select multiple files at once, either hold down the Control or Command key while clicking on the desired files. Once you’ve made your selection, you can either download onto your computer and then delete the files, or just permanently delete them. 

    If you do decide to download files before deleting them, select the download icon as shown here. This will download your files into a compressed Zip file onto your computer.Download option on Google Drive

  6. Step

    Move files to bin

    Whether you download your files or not, you can then move the items to the bin. To do this, click on the bin icon and then select Move to bin as shown here.Move items to bin option on Google Drive

  7. Step

    Empty bin

    Select Bin from the side panel. 

    Before emptying the bin, take care to have a look through to ensure you don’t accidentally delete an important file. Once you’re happy, select Empty bin on the right-hand side.Empty bin option on Google Drive


Can I expand the 15GB Drive limit?

The easiest way to expand the 15GB Google Drive limit is to upgrade to a Google One subscription, which offers you up to a massive 2TB of storage for a monthly fee. The fee depends on how much storage space you want, as the lowest option is 100GB for £1.59, 1TB is £7.99 and 2TB is £18.99 per month.

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