Meze's Alba earphones could be audio love at "first light"

Meze's Alba earphones could be audio love at "first light"

Romanian-based audio brand Meze has announced the official launch of its affordable wired earphones called the Alba, which we first saw at Munich High End.

Alba in Romanian translates to “first light”, though you’ll forgive us for trying to wrangle in a (sort of) pun in the headline, these wired in-earphones are intended to act as the first touchpoint in Meze’s growing portfolio of headphones, aimed at those who are “inspired by the world of elevated audio enjoyment.”

With the Alba, Meze Audio say the earphones produce high levels of comfort, noise-isolation, and an immersive listening experience. The sound is one with a neutral profile but coloured with a touch of warmth; the large 10.8mm dynamic driver covers a 15 – 25kHz frequency range to deliver a high-quality audio experience for what’s a relatively affordable price in the grand scheme of Meze’s product portfolio.

Meze Audio Alba productMeze Audio Alba product
credit: Meze

The Meze Alba cable terminates in a 3.5mm gold-plated connector, but accessories include a USB-C adapter so you can connect it to the latest iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphones without a 3.5mm jack. The USB-C adapter also features a built-in DAC to help boost the sound quality of the source you’re using.

Included ear tips include small, medium, large, and extra-large to accommodate various ear sizes. The wired earphones sport an impedance of 32ohms which makes them easy to be driven by smartphones without complaint.

You’re probably waiting for the price and the Meze Audio Alba cost $159 / €159 / £139, which puts them in and around the Sennheiser IE 200 range.

The launch of the Alba could spell the continuing comeback of wired earphones. Despite the advantages wireless headphones bring, some are still sticking with wired earphones, which is the type of behaviour we can get behind.

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