Euro 2024 stream: How to watch every single game live for free

Euro 2024 stream: How to watch every single game live for free

The biggest football tournament of 2024 is upon us as nations from around Europe compete for the chance to win 2024.

It’s been two years of qualifications (and some boring friendlies) but now footballs fans can sit back and enjoy a month-long feast of football – at least if your team gets to the final.

There are two ways that you can the action if you live in the UK, though unlike Euro 2020, this tournament won’t be produced in 4K HLG HDR, with the likes of the BBC streaming at 1080p HDR on iPlayer.

So, if you want to know how and where to watch every Euro 2024 match for free, keep reading on.

How to watch every Euro 2024 game live for free

The rights to Euro 2024 is shared between BBC and ITV, and matches will be broadcast both on linear TV (through an aerial) and through streaming (iPlayer and ITVX).

For England fans, the group stage matches will be shared with the BBC getting the first two matches and ITV the last.

  • 16 June – Serbia v England – 8pm (BBC)
  • 20 June – Denmark v England – 5pm (BBC)
  • 25 June – England v Slovenia – 8pm (ITV)

For Scottish football fans, the first match of the tournament will be against hosts Germany, which will be on ITV.

  • 14 June – Germany v Scotland – 8pm (ITV)
  • 19 June – Scotland v Switzerland – 8pm (BBC)
  • 23 June – Scotland v Hungary – 8pm (ITV)

For a longer list of which matches are being shown on which broadcast, check out the list below.

14th June

  • Germany v Scotland, 8pm ITV

15th June

  • Hungary v Switzerland, 2pm ITV
  • Spain v Croatia, 5pm ITV
  • Italy v Albania, 8pm BBC

16th June

  • Poland v Netherlands, 2pm BBC
  • Slovenia v Denmark, 5pm ITV
  • Serbia v England, 8pm BBC

17th June

  • Romania v Ukraine, 2pm BBC
  • Belgium v Slovakia, 5pm ITV
  • Austria v France 8pm ITV

18th June

  • Turkey v Georgia, 5pm BBC
  • Portugal v Czech Republic, 8pm BBC

19th June

  • Croatia v Albania, 2pm ITV
  • Germany v Hungary, 5pm BBC
  • Scotland v Switzerland, 8pm BBC

20th June

  • Slovenia v Serbia, 2pm ITV
  • Denmark v England, 5pm BBC
  • Spain v Italy, 8pm ITV

21st June

  • Slovakia v Ukraine, 2pm BBC
  • Poland v Austria, 5pm ITV
  • Netherlands v France, 8pm BBC

22nd June

  • Georgia v Czech Republic, 2pm BBC
  • Turkey v Portugal, 5pm ITV
  • Belgium v Romania, 8pm ITV

23rd June

  • Switzerland v Germany, 8pm BBC
  • Scotland v Hungary, 8pm BBC

24th June

  • Albania v Spain, 8pm BBC
  • Croatia v Italy, 8pm BBC

25th June

  • Netherland v Austria, 5pm BBC
  • France v Poland, 5pm BBC
  • England v Slovenia, 8pm ITV
  • Denmark v Serbia, 8pm ITV

26th June

  • Slovakia v Romania, 5pm BBC
  • Ukraine v Belgium, 5pm BBC
  • Georgia v Portugal, 8pm ITV
  • Czech Republic v Turkey, 8pm ITV

How to watch Euro 2024 – what do I need?

As Euro 2024 is not being produced in 4K, you won’t need a device or a display to see all that 4K detail. What you will need, though, is a device capable of showing HDR content.

Practially all 4K TVs sold these will support some form of HDR, and all are required to support HDR10 and HLG as standard.

BBC’s iPlayer app supports HDR but ITVX does not, so if you want to watch the matches in the best way possible, you’ll need a device that supports HDR streaming on iPlayer.

The BBC has a list of compatible TVs here, but don’t despair if yours isn’t listed: various Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple, and other streaming devices are listed, and plug straight into a HDMI port. This would be a great way of adding HDR support without investing in a whole new TV.

You also need an internet connection with the bandwidth to deal with a stream. The BBC recommends a speed of 24Mbit/s for 4K or 12Mbit/s for a reduced experience for UHD streams. As the tournament is being show at 1080p HDR, you won’t need as much as 12Mbit/s

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