Netflix' TV homepage is about to get a lot more animated

Netflix is revamping the TV app experience with a new home page designed to streamline the experience of choosing content on the platform.

In a sneak preview offered to The Verge, the company has shown off the new landing page, which will expand thumbnails to show content information in a full screen environment as soon as the remote tracks across it.

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So, instead of having to click on the thumbnail to learn more, or cast your eyes to the top of the screen to view the trailer, the new homepage will show the content description, release date (if applicable), award nominations and will also begin playing the trailer once the thumbnail expands.

Several over apps use the expanding thumbnail tool, but what Netflix is planning to roll out seems a lot more comprehensive. Netflix told the site the revamp is designed to give subscribers “an easier time figuring out if a title is right for them.”
Image credit: Netflix via The Verge

Elsewhere, Netflix is also cleaning up the interface of the TV app by dropping the side-menu overlay, in favour of a top loaded alternative featuring Home, Shows, Movies and My Netflix.

The company describes this as an “initial best swing” at a new TV interface that’ll evolve over time. It’s going to be tested among small groups over users for now, and will roll out to subscribers’ TV apps if things go well.

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