Winners and Losers: Android users get message editing as Sony disappoints at State of Play

OPINION: May is officially behind us, meaning it’s time to recap the last week of the month in the world of tech. 

Nothing showcased a colourful version of the Nothing Phone (2a), while Samsung announced that its Galaxy AI technology would be coming to the Galaxy Watch soon. Meanwhile, Apple revealed the truth behind the recent photos bug, as Alexa gained some new movie knowledge for Fire TV’s AI-powered search engine. 

However, none of the above earned our title of winner or loser this week. Keep reading to learn what did, along with why. 

Google Edit Message RCS

Winner: Google 

Our winner this week is Google after the company announced a range of updates coming to its Android platform. 

One major update rolling out is the ability to edit RCS messages in Google Messages. This means users will no longer need to rely on asterisks and follow-up messages to correct typos and autocorrect mistakes. Instead, they’ll be able to tap and hold to edit that message up to 15 minutes after it has been sent. 

This is the same time limit offered by Apple to iMessage users, meaning iPhone owners will hopefully keep the same editing capability when RCS messaging arrives on the platform later this year, allowing for a more seamless transition when writing to their Android user friends. 

Other updates include the ability to share hotspots between devices with one tap, and the option to add the Google Home Favorites widget to your home screen to control your most frequently used smart devices. 

Digital car key is also coming to more vehicles and there’s a new range of Emoji Kitchen sticker combinations rolling out on Android. 

Finally, Google announced two updates for Apple Watch users, including PayPal coming to Google Wallet for Wear OS and the Google Home Favorites tile and complication, allowing you to view and control smart home devices with a tap. 

State of PlayState of Play

Loser: Sony 

Our loser this week is Sony after the company hosted its May 2024 State of Play detailing all the new releases coming to PlayStation in the future. 

Sony showcased a range of trailers and announcements during the stream, but there weren’t any major surprises during this State of Play which was disappointing to see. 

On top of this, Microsoft announced this week that Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 would be available as a day one release for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. 

This means that Game Pass users won’t need to pay a penny extra to access the latest Call of Duty instalment – a big departure from the £69.99 they needed to pay for Modern Warfare 3 last year. 

This news could sway those looking for the best way to play the game on day one to choose Xbox over PlayStation this June, while the rather lacklustre State of Play certainly won’t help Sony win gamers back. 

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