Apple Beats Pill 2024 sounds like a worthy reboot

Recently you might have seen images of high profile celebrities like LeBron James strutting around with a new version of what looks like a Beats Pill speaker.

The tidy little portable speaker has been unavailable since the Beats Pill+ was discontinued in 2020, but a reboot certainly looks on the cards judging by its visibility on the person of people who are photographed quite a lot.

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Now 9to5Mac reckons it has the inside scoop on what the Beats Pill successor will offer and, judging by the features detailed, it seems like it’ll be a worthy modern update for a once-loved, much-missed product.

The site says the battery life will double from 12- to 24-hours from a single charge. It adds there’ll be IP67 water resistance, which means it’ll have significant protection from the elements its predecessor lacked, and it’ll be compatible with both iOS and Android one-touch pairing.

Furthermore, there’ll be integration with Apple Find My and Google Find My Device, which makes it easy to track if lost or swiped. Bluetooth will be boosted to 5.3 from 4.0, while there’s also USB-C for charging the device and gifting charge to a companion playback device, the report alleges.

As we’ve seen in some of the leaked images, the report adds weight to the suggestions there’ll be a lanyard for easy carrying on the go.

From an audio perspective, it looks like things will sound better too. The site writes:

– 2024 Beats Pill will feature louder sound, bigger bass, and better tonality.
– It uses a reengineered racetrack woofer to drive 28% more motor force, displacing 90% more air volume, while reducing low-end distortion.
– Its redesigned tweeter has its own secured housing for added stability, crisp highs, and rich mid-range tones.
– It also introduces a 20-degree upward tilt angle for sending sound up to your ears and away from objects in the way.


It’s not yet clear when Apple will decide to release the device or how much it’ll cost, but we’ll keep you posted.

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