Huge Android 15 battery life boost likely, but why now?

Android 15 phones could benefit from battery life improvements of up to three hours thanks to some back end wizardry within the operating system.

That’s because Android engineers have found a way to push the device into a “doze” mode 50% faster than before. Before being Android 14.

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That doze mode, which the device enters if the screen is off, attempts to conserve battery life by “restricting apps’ access to network and CPU-intensive services”.

Android engineering boss Dave Burke reckons the company has seen some serious gains for Android devices in testing following the optimisations.

Speaking to Android Authority, the VP of Engineering for the Android Platform, said: “For Android 15, we’ve sped up the time to doze by 50%. So we get into doze 50% faster, and the result is on some devices we tested up to 3 hours longer standby power. And that’s sort of a general improvement in 15 that applies to all devices.”

Why Google didn’t just shorten the time window to enter doze mode and gift Android users those battery gains before now remains to be seen.

It’s probably much more complicated than just coding in a time to enter doze mode, but it does seem like major gains could have been harnessed before now. Of course, three hours is probably a best case scenario for this tweak, and we’ll have to see how this optimisation plays out in testing.

Android 15 is currently in beta with an expected release in October, primarily on the Pixel 9 range of phones, rolling out to Pixel devices on day one, and third party manufacturers in the winter.

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