Deal: Travel light with this super fast 3-in-1 charger

We’re big fans of Anker’s handy charging accessories. The price is right and the form and functionality often outstrips the official products from the device manufacturers.

Amazon is currently selling the Anker 120W GaN charger for £49.99. That’s £30 off the £79.99 asking price. Or 30% off for a limited time.

This is the lowest price we’ve seen on this charging accessory since it launched almost two years ago. The lowest previous price was £53.99 on Amazon.

Get a 120W triple port wall charger on the cheap

The Anker GaN charger offers a total of 120W of power and has a pair of USB-C outs and a USB-A out. It’s £30 off for a limited time.

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  • Was £79.99
  • Now £49.99

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You’ll also get free and fast delivery if you’re a Prime member and the opportunity to return the product for free if you’re not happy for any reason.

The compact wall charger is an awesome travel accessory that’ll enable you to limit the footprint of the tech you carry. It includes three ports. It got a USB-A port and a pair of USB-C ports for charging your MacBook, PC laptop, USB-C smartphone like an Android or an iPhone 15. One device can be charged at up 100W provided it is compatible with those speeds, while there’s a 120W output overall to be shared across the three devices.

The GaN charging tech produces less heat than a standard charger, which means the components can be placed closer together. In turn, that means, Anker can built a smaller charger overall. If you’re worried about the heat, there’s a tech called Active Shield 2.0 which monitors the temperature three million times per day and will adjust the power output to reflect that.

We haven’t reviewed this product, but there’s a 4.5 star score from 646 ratings from shoppers on Amazon. 300+ have been purchased in the last month, Amazon says.

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