This Apple Pencil Pro secret UI tool is guaranteed to make you grin

The new iPad Pro M4 models are now available, alongside the new Apple Pencil Pro. However, it has emerged the accessory itself offers far more than meets the eye.

The new Apple Pencil Pro’s headline feature is the ability to squeeze to bring up the pen selection tool. However, going beyond that it has emerged the pencil will cast an artificial shadow on the display that correlates with the pen tool selected.

In a video posted to X by Quinn Nelson (@SnazzyLabs) on Twitter, the user shows a fountain pen shadow displayed on the screen that responds to the various turns of the pen and nib. This is a UI feature that Apple didn’t choose to showcase during the reveal event earlier this month.

It did say that a gyroscope enabled users to rotate the pencil thanks to the gyroscope, but the shadow element wasn’t explained by Apple.

You can see the video showcasing the new feature in the embedded tweet above. When people talk about Apple’s magic touches with an almost enchanted demeanour, this is the kinda thing they’re talking about.

It’s not essential. Far from it. it just… rules.

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