LG is back with new XBOOM speakers and Tone Free headphones

If our memory is right, it’s been a couple of years since we last heard news about LG’s wireless speakers and headphones. Well that’s all changed.

LG has announced the expansion of its XBOOM speaker series along with a new entry in its Tone Free true wireless range.

The XBOOM 360 XO2 aims to deliver omidirectional audio (i.e. in all directions), but in a more compact form factor to allow for placement on tables or shelves. It comes with a 15-hour battery life and an IP55 rating to protect against water, liquids, dust. You also get some mood lighting to bring colour to whichever space the speaker is in.

The portable XBOOM Go line-up has been expanded with new models in the Go XG8. Taking cues from LG’s soundbars, it features a “high-quality woofer” to produce a powerful low-end performance; and you also get lighting effects to help “heighten the mood and atmosphere of any setting”.

You can carry it around with its adjustable shoulder strap and it features military-grade durability with its IP67 rating to resist against water and dust. The 15-hour battery life means it won’t last a whole day, but long enough for a lazy time outdoors.

LG XBOOM XO2 speakers
credit: LG

The Go XG2 also joins the line-up for those after a “powerful, robust audio performance” while out and about. It too has military grade duability and IP67 rating alongside 10 hours of playback. There’s an adjustable shock cord to securely attach it to a variety of items.

If you thought that was the last XBOOM speaker, you’re mistaken. The XL9 has dual 8-inch woofers to deliver deep bass but maintain a “well-balanced sound” with its Dynamic Bass Optimizer mode. It also has 1000W of power at its disposal. You probably won’t want to use this speaker in a flat-share.

Again you’ve got lighting effects with its Pixel LED Lighting system featuring colourful patterns, visual EQ effects, customisable text and graphics; while the Multi Color Ring Lighting system creates syncrhonised lightshows replete with flashing and rotating effects.

Its IPX4 rating offers splash resistance, and there are inputs for a microhone and guitar in case you feel like belting out your favourite karaoke tune or guitar riff.

The Tone Free T90S true wireless are said to deliver “an enriched audio experience with improved accuracy and clarity” thanks to its use of lightweight but tough graphene drivers.

Like the previous model, there’s support for Dolby Atmos Head Tracking across all “content and devices”; with it now bumped up to support 24-bit/96kHz audio. And the Dolby Atmos Optimizer can boost a track into surround sound with three adjustable levels.

LG’s partnership with Meridian Audio contines with the earphones featuring Meridian’s Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) to deliver a clear centre image to give listeners the impression that they’re listening a track in a stereo sound system.

ANC is supported, and LG claims these buds will be able to deliver crystal clear call quality.

The UVnano charging case is back, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria on the earbuds within 10 minutes of its charging cycle. Also returning is the Plug & Wireless feature whereby you plug a cable into the case and use it to transmit audio to the earphones. It’s the type of feature that’d be well-suited to in-flight entertainment systems or even at the gym.

Bluetooth support equals AAC and SBC as well as aptX Adaptive, and Bluetooth multi-point is included to support multiple devices at once.

There’s no mention yet on the price, but you can expect the T90S to be available in the UK soon as it goes on sale May 2024.

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