The Nintendo Switch 2's secret weapon could be… magnets

The Nintendo Switch 2 Joy-Con controllers could be magnetically attached and detached from the console’s body, according to a new report.

Whereas the current generation model requires gamers to slide the peripherals when used in non-handheld mode, the sequel could offer a simpler solution. And not the permanent attachments on the Switch Lite either!

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The Spanish language gaming site Vandal (which was among the first to report key Switch OLED details) reckons it has the skinny on this one. It purportedly has word from a manufacturer in Japan who has been able to see and touch the console through an opaque box.

The source spoke of a fundamental change to the design. The translated report says that “instead of the rails of the current console, the new Switch 2 controllers would attach to the screen magnetically.”

That’s the big takeaway from the source, although they do say the new console will be significantly larger than the current Switch model, but not as large as a Valve Steam Deck.

Vandal does speculate that this will prevent current Joy-Con controllers being fully compatible with the new system, although there’s no reason to think that mobile connectivity will be a problem for gamers wanting to use their old controllers to kick some family butt on Mario Kart.

Another concern, which hasn’t been addressed by the report, is how strong these magnets would have to be to ensure they remain connected to the body at all times, under the duress of gaming. Sometimes your sheer will can result in a little more force being exerted then necessary.

Detaching the Joy-Cons would undoubtedly be easier though, as the rails can be a little stubborn at times, even with the little button to release them.

If Nintendo does follow through with this, it’ll certainly require a marketing rethink. Indeed, the click when the Joy-Cons slide into the body has been synonymous with the Switch, and has featured in advertisements for the device throughout its run. Perhaps the click into place will be replaced with the click of the magnets?

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