How to turn on higher quality LDAC streaming on Nothing Ear

Nothing has produced several excellent sets of wireless earbuds, and this guide will ensure you’re getting the best audio possible.

A number of the Ear models, including the Ear (a) and Ear, have support for LDAC, a Sony-developed audio codec that allows for higher-res streaming than traditional Bluetooth.

This isn’t on by default, but it’s easy to enable it, and all the steps are detailed below.

What you’ll need: 

  • Nothing Ear, Ear (2) or Ear (a)
  • A supported Android device

The Short Version 

  • Open the Play Store
  • Download the Nothing X app
  • Open Nothing X
  • Ensure your buds are connected
  • Tap the Settings icon
  • Toggle on High-Quality Audio
  • The buds will reboot
  1. Step

    Open the Play Store

    to begin, you’ll need to find the Nothing X app. Open up the Play Store on your Android phone and search for Nothing X. You might also get a nudge to get the app the first time you connect the buds.Nothing Ear how to step 1

  2. Step

    Download the Nothing X app

    Once you’ve found the app, download and install it.Nothing Ear how to step 2

  3. Step

    Open Nothing X

    All the sound options are inside the app, so open it up once it has been downloaded and installed.Nothing Ear how to step 3

  4. Step

    Ensure the buds are connected

    You’ll need to make sure your Nothing buds are connected, you can do this by opening the case or popping them in your ears.Nothing Ear how to step 4

  5. Step

    Tap the Settings icon

    Tap the Settings icon inside the Nothing X app – the cog signifies this.Nothing Ear how to step 5

  6. Step

    Toggle on High-Quality Audio

    There are numerous options here, but we’re looking for the one called High-Quality Audio. Toggle the option on. Nothing Ear how to step 7

  7. Step

    The buds will reboot

    Once the above option has been toggled, the buds need to be rebooted. After this, they are ready to use.Nothing Ear how to step 8


Does this work on the Nothing X app for IOS?

Nope, this option is only supported on Android devices.

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