How to change lid close settings on Windows laptops

Is your Windows 11 laptop not acting as you’d like when closing the lid? Thankfully, you can change that. Here’s how simple guide on just what to do.

If you’re a regular laptop user, you probably open and close your machine multiple times a day. But, not all actions are created equal when it comes to how your laptop responds to this. Do you want it to go to sleep, shut down or do nothing at all? This is our guide on how to change these lid-related modes.

What you’ll need

The Short Version

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Click Hardware and Sound
  3. Select Change what the power buttons do
  4. Modify “when I close the lid” settings

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  1. Step

    Open Control Panel

    Head to Control Panel. You can do this by opening your Start menu and searching for control panel

  2. Step

    Click Hardware and Sound

    Now that you’ve opened the Control Panel, select the Hardware and Sound option.Hardware and Sound

  3. Step

    Select Change what the power buttons do

    From the Hardware and Sound menu, and underneath the Power Options section, choose Change what the power buttons do.Change what power buttons do

  4. Step

    Modify “when I close the lid” settings

    You’re now in the right place and you can tweak what happens when you close the lid depending on whether it is on battery or plugged into power. You can choose between Sleep, Do Nothing, Hibernate and Shut Down. Once you’ve made the changes, click Save changes.Modify lid settings


What happens when I close my laptop lid on Windows 11?

By default, closing your laptop lid on Windows 11 will cause your device to go into “Sleep” mode. It will awaken when you open the lid. This is the case whether your laptop is plugged into power or on battery.

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