Spotify 'Music Pro' may be the lossless tier eons in the making

Spotify’s long-promised CD-quality lossless streaming upgrade could finally be on the horizon more than three years after it was initially announced.

However, the new premium subscription tier originally dubbed Spotify HiFi could evntually arrive under a Music Pro guise, according to code strings eyed within the Spotify app.

The backend code within the Spotify Android app currently features references to the Music Pro tier that could include high resolution music to boost streaming quality.

The code strings were published by a Reddit user this week and includes several key references including passages like “control your Lossless listening”, “your favourite music in 16-bit and 24-bit high-fidelity sound” and “lossless has arrived.”

According to the code (via The Verge), the max resolution of up to 24-bit/44.1 kHz FLAC will be displayed alongside the track if it is available.

The leaker in question, who posts on Reddit under the username Hypixely, previous revealed references to the rumoured Supremium tier that were seemingly removed after his discovery.

It might be that Spotify HiFi became Supemium and will now finally launch as Music Pro with a number of features to enhance the listening experience. There’s no indication of a launch date, or the potential price of the add-on, which is how Spotify describes it within those code strings.

Significantly, the code references a headphones enhancement and optimisation feature that, according to the leaker will enable listeners to “lift your headphones’ performance using patented technology”. That portion of the code also references Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Right now you can’t enjoy Apple Music Lossless through wireless earphones and it’s unlikely Spotify has found a way around this unless some new AI is filling in the gaps. It’ll be interesting to see how this feature manifests.

As the leaker says “hopefully we will be able to enjoy lossless on Spotify this century.”

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