Apple Pencil 3 could be squeezable, according to iOS 17.5 beta

Apple Pencil 3 could be squeezable, according to iOS 17.5 beta

Rumours of a next-generation Apple Pencil have been running wild as we build-up to the long-awaited iPad refresh due next month.

Now we have a little more concrete evidence that’ll indeed be the case, thanks to the latest iOS 17.5 beta.

According to code spotted within the iPadOS 17.5 beta, a new “squeeze gesture” will be possible with the Apple Pencil. 9to5Mac reports this is potentially an exclusive feature of that forthcoming Apple Pencil 3.

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The code suggests the squeeze feature could be used for “quick interactions such as adding shapes, signatures, stickers, or a text field.”

Considering the Apple Pencil 2 only supports double-taps as a means of switching between the various tools, this would be a potentially significant hardware upgrade. Because the current model only features pressure sensors within the tip, this would’ve to mean new hardware.

And because iPadOS 17.5 will likely coincide with the launch of the iPads, it means a third-generation model is highly likely to be available alongside the new tablets.

A recent report from Bloomberg suggested it was software tweaks holding up the release of the first new iPads in around 18 months, so it’s possible Apple is still refining this interactivity with the next Apple Pencil.

Reports last month have also suggested the next (or a future) Apple Pencil will be compatible with Apple Vision Pro. MacRumors got word from an anonymous source claiming the Pencil would enable users to draw on a flat surface and have it appear within visionOS, effectively turning “a person’s surroundings into a giant canvas, complete with pressure and tilt sensitivity.”

The new iPads are expected to launch around a month from now.

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