The Q Acoustics 5050 is a big and powerful floorstander

Q Acoustics has introduced its 5050 floorstanding speaker, the biggest and most powerful loudspeaker in its 5000 series line-up.

According to Q Acoustics, the 5050 has the “scale, power and poise to bring your music vividly to life”, with the bigges-sized mid/bass drivers in the series, its claimed the 5050 will be able to fill even the largest rooms with dynamic and natural sound. It joins the 5020 standmount speaker, which scored very well on this site.

It features the C3 Continuous Curved Cone™ profile in the mid/bass driver that’s featured in other 5000 series speakers, as well as inheriting the cabinet and driver technonology from the company’s flagship Concept range for an improved audio performance.

The high-frequency driver is full hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated from the front baffle to protect against internal cabinet pressure and resonaces from the six-inch mid/bass driver. Like other recent Q Acoustics’ speakers, it stalso incorporates the brand’s Point-2-Point internal bracing that stiffens the cabinet to minimise low frequency vibrations and improve the stereo imaging.

Four Helmholtz Pressure Equalisers tubes have been fitted inside the 5050 in order to reduce internal pressure and standing waves.

Q Acoustics 5000 series rosewood
credit: Q Acoustics

Like the rest of the 5000 series, the 5050 comes in a choice of four finishes, and for this floorstander they include a new lighter wood veneer making a Satin Black, Satin White, Santos Rosewood, and Holme Oak. Accessories include solid aluminum stabiliers with adjustable spikes, while according to Q Acoustics, the low-profile speaker terminals allow the speaker to be placed closer to a back wall if necessary.

All that’s left to know now is availability and the price. The Q Acoustics 5050 floorstander can be yours for the sum of £1,299 / €1,699 / $1,999, and you can purchase the speaker in the UK from the Q Acoustics website and selected independent retailers. In the US it’s currently available to pre-order from the US website.

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