Apple will make it easier to ditch iPhone for Android

Apple is planning on making it easier for iPhone users to switch to Android, but new tools won’t be launched until near the end of next year.

In a document detailing how Apple is complying with the EU’s Digital Markets Act – which is already looking like the biggest disruptor to the mobile industry, perhaps ever – Apple says it will make it easier to help users migrate their data to other platforms.

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That’ll include internet browsers and mobile operating systems, Apple says. The company didn’t reveal any specifics about the new tools it has in the works.

“Apple plans to make further changes to its user data portability offering,” the company notes (via TechCrunch). “Third parties offer migration solutions that help users transfer data between devices with different operating systems. To build on those options, Apple is developing a solution that helps mobile operating system providers develop more user-friendly solutions to transfer data from an iPhone to a non-Apple phone.

“Apple aims to make this solution available by fall 2025. Apple is also creating a browser switching solution for exporting and importing relevant browser data into another browser on the same device. Apple aims to make this solution available by late 2024/early 2025.”

Currently, users wishing to move their important data from an existing iPhone to a new Android device can download Google’s official transfer app, called Switch to Android. It’ll enable users to import contacts, calendar events, photos, and videos from an iPhone, to a Pixel for example.

It also enables users to request a copy of their photos and video data from iCloud in order to bring that data across to Google Photos. There are also tips for new Android users, like turning off iMessage on the old device, so you don’t miss texts from friends and family on the new one.

Samsung phone buyers have opportunity to scan a QR code when setting up their new Galaxy phone in order to begin transferring data from iPhone to their new handset.

It’s not yet clear how Apple plans to make this process simpler for switchers, but it’s going to be 18 months before we find out.

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