We've found the cheapest price for the PS5 Pulse Explore earbuds

We've found the cheapest price for the PS5 Pulse Explore earbuds

We just reviewed the brand new PlayStation Pulse Explore wireless buds and bloody loved them, so it’s a surprise to see a price reduction for a product that hasn’t been all that easy to get thus far.

ShopTo is offering the PlayStation Pulse Explore wireless buds for just £191.85. That’s a slight price cut on the £199.99 Sony asks for them.

PlayStation Pulse Explore get first price cut

PlayStation Pulse Explore get first price cut

Save yourself a few quid with a rare price cut on the new PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds with ShopTo and get free 24 hours delivery

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  • RRP: £199.99
  • Now £191.85

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Ah, “but will those savings be wiped out by delivery fees?” I hear you ask? Nope! ShopTo offers free 24 hour delivery on all UK orders, so your 4% savings remain fully intact, and you’ll get them fast.

So, we’d advise you grab a set of Sony’s first PlayStation-branded wireless earphones with a quickness.

They’re headlined by the new PlayStation Link technology, which not only enables super fast and reliable connectivity with a PS4/PS5 or PlayStation Portal handheld, but is capable of transmitting lossless audio wirelessly and providing a gaming experience with zero noticeable latency.

You’ll also benefit from support for the PS5’s 3D Audio capabilities (on supported games, which is most of the big ‘uns) meaning you’ll have a dramatic and immersive experience with spatially aware gaming audio coming at you from all directions.

They can also benefit from a Bluetooth connection to your phone too, so if you’d like to be notified of, and take, a call you can do so seamlessly.

We’re big fans of the PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds and definitely recommend them if you’re going to be using the PlayStation Portal handheld system for PS5 Remote Play.

I reviewed them personally last month and concluded: “The Sony PlayStation Pulse Explore wireless earbuds bring rapid and reliable connectivity through PlayStation Link, and high-quality audio transmission with no noticeable latency. In-game audio sounds rich, full and spacious, elevated further on games supporting 3D audio.

“Yes, the design, build, and in-ear positioning is unnecessarily awkward, but it’s very much in-fitting with the PS5’s style. Even at £200/$200 these get a big ‘yes’ for dedicated PS5/Portal gamers who will use this product mostly for that purpose.”

Finally, if you’re less familiar with ShopTo as a retailer, there’s an ‘Excellent’ 4.7 star customer rating on Trustpilot from over 90,000 reviews.

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