This Galaxy S23 deal is perfect for binge-watchers

Given streaming services are getting more and more expensive, any time you can get a subscription without forking over cash is a bonus.

This Galaxy S23 contract is a perfect example, as you get 12 months of Disney+ for free. That’s a saving of £79.99 on what you’d pay for 12 months.

But the contract also represents a fantastic deal in its own right. Over at Mobiles UK, you’ll get a Galaxy S23 (128GB) with a whopping 500GB of 5G data for £29.99 a month with £29 to pay up front. The phone also comes in the more fetching lavender shade.

Galaxy S23 contract gets you a year of Disney+ free

Get a Galaxy S23 with 500GB of data for just £29.99 a month and receive 12-months of Disney+ free as a bonus.

  • Mobiles UK
  • 500GB data and free Disney+
  • £29.99 a month

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That 500GB will come in pretty handy while you’re streaming all that lovely Star Wars and MCU content via Disney+. You can check out the terms and conditions for getting free Disney+ here. You’ll also get unlimited minutes and texts if you wanna partake in that good ol’ fashioned calling and texting thing.

The contract is for 2- months on the iD mobile network. If you’re not familiar, this is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator owned by the retailer Carphone Warehouse.

It uses Three Mobile’s infrastructure which means you’re be able to enjoy the same 5G speeds as if you were subscribing to Three.

You’re getting a better deal because iD Mobile doesn’t have to pay all of the same upkeep costs on the network as it only rents the spectrum. Those savings are passed onto customers.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is now a year old so you’ll be seeming some brilliant brilliant deals since the S24 arrived on the scene last month.

Our reviewer Lewis Painter recently updated the review in light of the S24’s arrival review and maintained the Galaxy S23’s 4.5 star review in 2024.

He praised the pocketable minimalistic design headlined by a 6.1-inch AMOLED display, and all-day battery life. There’s also true flagship performance from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy.

He said, you should buy if “you want a small-screen phone without compromise: The pocket-friendly S23 boasts flagship features and performance in a smaller package than most of the competition.”

Lewis concluded: “It might not be all that different from the Galaxy S22, but the Samsung Galaxy S23 remains an excellent compact choice without much compromise, boasting top-end performance, versatile camera chops and, for the first time, true all-day battery life – and with the release of the newer S24, it’s cheaper than ever.”

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