Microsoft Surface Pro 10: Everything we know so far

The Microsoft Surface Pro 10 is the next entry in the company’s 2-in-1 PC range, offering the talents of both a tablet and laptop once you pair it with the available type cover. 

A new report from Windows Central suggests that we could see the Microsoft Surface Pro 10 arrive before the end of March, along with the new Microsoft Surface Laptop 6. 

Potential upgrades for the Surface Pro include a new OLED display, and a performance upgrade with the choice between Intel Core Ultra and an Arm chip that could be a customised version of Snapdragon X Elite. 

Other new features could include an ultrawide front-facing webcam and a built-in NFC reader. For more details on the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 10, keep on reading. 

Release date

The Microsoft Surface Pro 10 is expected to be announced this month, with Windows Central suggesting it could be unveiled during a Surface showcase on 21st March. 

However, it’s also been reported that the Intel-powered edition won’t actually be available to buy until April 2024, while we may have to wait until June 2024 for the Arm variant. 


Every new edition of the Surface Pro is treated to a processor upgrade, so it should not come as a surprise that Microsoft is planning to stick an Intel Core Ultra (14th Gen) processor inside the hybrid PC – at least according to Windows Central. 

What may be a little shocking is that Microsoft is also continuing to offer an Arm processor configuration, with the imminent Snapdragon X Elite chip the most likely candidate. 

Snapdragon X Elite from Qualcomm
Credit: Qualcomm

Arm processors are renowned for having excellent power efficiency, allowing for greater battery life relative to performance than their Intel rivals. Excellent thermal performance also means there’s less need for an elaborate cooling system – the Arm-based MacBook Air doesn’t even need a fan. 

However, Snapdragon has so far struggled to get its Arm chips to play nicely with Windows, while performance has noticeably been well behind that of Apple, AMD and Intel. We’re hoping that changes with the Snapdragon X Elite, as it could give the Surface Pro a big boost. 

The Microsoft Surface Pro 10 could also be treated to an OLED display this year, which should theoretically result in improved screen contrast, more accurate colours and an overall punchier picture. It’s a no-brainer decision from Microsoft given that many laptop makers are embracing the technology, and could be a big upgrade for those who like to watch movies and videos on their laptop/tablet. 

The Surface Pro 9 in tablet modeThe Surface Pro 9 in tablet mode
Surface Pro 9 – Credit: Microsoft

Windows Central also reports that Microsoft will upgrade the front-facing camera with an ultrawide sensor. What’s more, the webcam will be enhanced with Ai features thanks to AI Studio Effects. Microsoft has already introduced these exciting features on past iterations of the Surface Pro, but now they’ll be available on the Intel configuration. 

It looks like Microsoft will be making a big push into AI in general with the Surface Pro 10, and it’s also been reported that the hybrid laptop will benefit from on-device Copilot functionality, as well as a new feature called AI Explorer.

AI Explorer will reportedly allow you to leverage artificial intelligence capabilities across all apps on your laptop. This will allow you to make queries such as asking for details from a previous conversation, or even editing an image saved onto your device. We’re excited to start diving deeper into these AI features once we get our hands on a Surface Pro 10. 


Early reports seem to indicate that there will be no major changes to the Surface Pro design beyond a new OLED display, upgraded webcam and a new NFC reader. 

This means the Surface Pro 10 should retain the same design as its predecessors, shipping as a tablet with a built-in kickstand which can also be paired with a Type Cover (most likely sold separately) that will clip to the device magnetically. 

The Surface Pro 9 in some grassThe Surface Pro 9 in some grass
Surface Pro 9 – Credit: Microsoft

There are a few tweaks we’d like to see for the Surface Pro design, namely a smaller screen bezel to make the tablet look a little more modern. We also have reservations about the current Type Cover, which feels a little too cheap for our liking. 

That said, it’s hard to complain too much when we’re potentially getting one of the biggest upgrades to the Surface Pro in yonks, as the addition of the OLED panel really is a big deal. 

The Trusted Take

I’ve been critical of the Surface Pro for a long time now. The idea of a hybrid PC is a great one, but the lack of innovation in the past few years, as well as the need to purchase the type cover separately, makes it increasingly difficult to recommend. 

Fortunately, the Microsoft Surface Pro 10 looks to be one of the biggest upgrades in years. The OLED screen will make a huge difference to screen quality, while I’m excited to check out the AI features made possible by the new Intel Core Ultra and Snapdragon chips. I still have reservations, but this is the first time I’ve been excited about a new Surface Pro in ages. 

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