Finally Instagram will spare your blushes with DM editing

Maybe because it’s often in response to a photo or video, but Instagram is the most awkward medium for mis-phrasing a message, or worrying that you may have rephrased one.

Sliding into the DMs for example is considered quite different to simply sending a text message – somewhat more intimate and less procedural perhaps?

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So, it’ll be a relief to many who have suffered from this DM anxiety, to learn that Meta owned Instagram is offering up the ability to edit direct messages to all users.

In a blog post today, Instagram says you’ll be able to edit messages 15 minutes after sending in order to reconcile typos or other missteps to correct the record. So, if you mess up, the clock is ticking for you to press and hold the offending message and select the edit button.

“Whether it’s a typo or something just doesn’t sound right, you can now edit messages up to 15 minutes after sending,” the company says. “To make a change, press and hold on the sent message, then choose “edit” from the dropdown menu.”

Elsewhere in today’s update, Instagram says it’ll soon be possible to pin three group or 1-on-1 chats to the top of the message.For a more conspicuous experience on Instagram, you’ll soon be able to turn off read receipts for all chats, or just specific ones.

To turn it on or off for all chats:

  • Go to account settings
  • Tap Messages and story replies
  • Tap Show read receipts
  • Toggle read receipts on or off for all of your chats

The company is also enabling users to save their favourite stickers and gifs for use in direct messaging.

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