How to slow down video on iPhone

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    Enter the iMovie app

    The iMovie app comes installed on the iPhone. If it’s not on your home screen, then you can search for it by tapping Search towards the bottom of the screen.iPhone Home screen with iMovie highlighted

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    Open a movie project

    If you want to edit a video from your camera roll, you can select Start New Project, tap Movie and then find the recording you want to edit. Project list on iMovie

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    Tap Edit, then tap on the video clip

    Tap on the video clip in the middle of the screen to select it for editing. You’ll know you’ve selected it correctly because it’ll be highlighted with a yellow bar.Tap on video clip on iMovie to select it

  • Step

    Adjust the video selection accordingly

    If you only want to slow down a portion of the video, drag the yellow range handle accordingly, as shown. Otherwise the whole video will be selected automatically.Adjust video on iMovie

  • Step

    Tap on the Speed icon and adjust the slider accordingly

    Once you tap on the Speed icon, you’ll see a slider just above it. Drag the slider to the right to increase the speed or drag the slider to the left to decrease the speed.Speed icon and slider highlighted on iMovie

  • Step

    When you’re happy, tap Done

    Once you’ve tapped Done, you’ll return to the project screen, where you’ll see your edited video listed. To make any changes simply tap Edit again to open up the editor again. Tap Done on iMovie

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