Your favourite dogs are going to be on Strava now

The activity-tracking app Strava has announced integration with the Fi Smart Collar, which offers GPS and LTE tracking of our four-legged friends.

The integration will see walkies uploaded to Strava – including the number of steps taken and distance travelled – and shared with the community of millions of users.

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The Fi collar – which includes its own LTE connectivity to help with precise tracking when the dog is lost – already provides step and distance stats within the app, so the Strava integration is simply about sharing that data with a wider community. Dog owners will be able to see where they rank among fellow canines on a leaderboard.

“Fi automatically records your walks with your dog, and with our new integration these walks will be uploaded to Strava to share with your entire community,” the company says in the announcement post. “When your Fi walks are uploaded to Strava they will include a graphic featuring stats on steps taken, and how your dog ranks among other dogs on Fi.”

The integration has been announced on National Dog Walking Day in the United States. Considering Strava says that 76% of users with pets use it as a motivator to get up and move, this integration will be welcomed by many who also have invested in the Fi Smart Collar.

Fi uses a subscription model, similar to the Whoop fitness tracker, where you get the collar for free but you pay a fee to subscribe to the satellite connectivity, LTE and all of the other top features – like activity and sleep tracking. You can get it for as little as $3.20 a week if you sign up for two years.

Pop in the code STRAVA20 and they’ll waive the activation fee of $20 and give you another three months on the house. There’s even a Strava-themed collar now.

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