The Final VR500 are affordable in-earphones for gamers

After launching the VR2000, Japanese audio brand Final has launched the VR500, a more affordable pair of wired in-earphones for gamers.

Priced at a less expensive £29.99 / €34.99, the final VR500 come with what’s described as “sound image localization”, which is designed to “accurately reproduce the direction of sound” to give listeners an immersive sense of gaming in a three-dimensional soundstage.

Final asserts that its newly developed precision-tuned dynamic drivers are capable of delivering exceptional clairty at a price that’s cheaper than other gaming earphones and headphones.

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Comfort is high on the list of factors that Final took in while designing the headphones, and the VR500 have a wide selection of Final’s own silicone ear-tips for a “secure and comfortable fit”. The earphones themselves are compact and lightweight to allow gamers to play for as long as they want without experiencing discomfort. The use of tough ABS resin material should also ensure long life for these earphones, with the matte grey finish also making fingerprints and dirt less visible.

Final claim the VR500 shouldn’t just be thought of as a gaming pair of in-earphones, as they’re also suitable to be used for music listening too. According to Final, vocals and instruments become clearer, offering insight and clarity across the frequency range.

There’s an in-line microphone for communication with others online or for calls on the move. There’s only one button and that can be used for playback, skipping tracks and taking calls.

The Final VR500 Gaming Earphones are available to purchase from Amazon and selected retailers across the UK and EU from February 20th. Bag yourself a pair for £29.99 / €34.99.

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