iPhone foldable could be coming late 2026

Apple will announce the first foldable iPhone in September of 2026, according to a fresh report.

There have been numerous rumours of a foldable device in production at Apple HQ, and there’s generally no smoke without fire in the tech industry.

This latest rumour comes from South Korean website Alpha Economy, and it claims that Apple has finalised the launch date for its first bendy phone. It seems Apple will unveil the foldable iPhone in September 2026, presumably alongside the iPhone 18 range.

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Apparently, Apple has reallocated “a significant number of Vision Pro’s core personnel” (via machine translation) to help out on the project. With Apple’s first mixed reality headset now on the market, albeit in fairly limited fashion, there’s evidently a lot of brain power going spare over there.

The report claims that Apple foresees global sales of around 50 million units for its first foldable phone.

Earlier this month, a report emerged claiming that Apple had at least a pair of working foldable iPhone prototypes on the go at its offices. It was claimed that Apple is looking to provide a device that’s around half the thickness of a current iPhone so as to minimise the girth when the device is folded up.

That report claimed that an iPhone Fold wasn’t expected for at least two years, which would tally with this latest report. There’s a chance we’ll see a foldable iPad product before this foldable iPhone hits the market.

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