Amazon's slick QLED TV has a third off right now

Keen to finally upgrade your home entertainment set-up but still want to get the best deal possible? If so, then this Amazon Fire TV QLED offer shouldn’t be missed.

You can currently get the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED for just £499.99 on Amazon, saving you a massive £250 from its RRP.

QLED TV sets allow you to experience everything from films and TV series to live sports with brighter, more lifelike colours. QLED, which stands for Quantum dot LED TV, has a higher peak brightness, boasts a longer lifespan than standard LED TVs and is better suited to brightly lit environments.

Get a third off the Amazon QLED Fire TV

Save £250 on the 55-inch Amazon Fire Omni QLED TV and upgrade your home entertainment for less.

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  • Was £749.99
  • Now £499.99

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The Amazon Fire QLED TV also has Dolby Vision IQ, which makes colour even deeper and more realistic too.

For those who want to truly immerse themselves in that period drama or blockbuster hit, this QLED TV is a must.

The Amazon Fire TV can also adapt to your surroundings, thanks to the built-in sensor which detects the lighting in any room and automatically optimises the brightness of what’s playing. 

With Fire TV, you’ll have all your usual streaming services at your fingertips, including Prime of course, but also Netflix, Disney Plus and more. The handy ‘continue watching’ feature means you can pick up any TV series right where you left off, straight on the home screen, without needing to fumble through the UI. Beyond streaming services, the Omni QLED also has 3 HDMI inputs to connect satellite TV and games consoles.

We gave the Amazon Fire TV a four-star rating, with our AV expert Kob Monney praising that “TVs at this price don’t often have the features the Fire TV Omni QLED boasts. And with Alexa running the show, this has the potential to be the smartest of smart TVs among its competition.”

Simply put, a QLED TV for under £500 is too good a deal to pass up. Not only will you amplify your TV picture, but extra features such as Alexa and the Amazon Fire TV operating system mean your entire viewing experience will be streamlined. 

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