Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro adds 3D Motion Detection

Battery-powered video doorbells offer the most flexible installations but typically mean a slightly reduced feature set compared to wired models. With the Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro, that’s no longer the case.

As you can tell from the Pro name, this battery doorbell has been created to have features similar to that of the wired Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2.

3D Motion Detection

Key to that is the addition of Ring’s radar-based 3D Motion Detection. It’s the most advanced type of motion detection we’ve tested, letting you set the exact area where you want to detect motion. For example, you can lock motion detection down so that it’s only triggered in your front garden, ignoring all motion that starts on the pavement or street.

In our tests, we’ve found that 3D Motion Detection significantly reduces the number of alerts we get, reducing notifications to important ones only.

As well as controlling alerts, 3D Motion Detection enables Birds Eye View. This adds a small satellite image to the video feed with a plot showing the direction that the person (or object) took when triggering motion detection.

Higher resolution

Following on from last year’s Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus, the Pro edition has the same 1536p video, up from 1080p on previous battery-powered products. More resolution helps deliver a sharper image, and it’s good to see here.

Ring is promising that the new Low-Light Sense tech will help the doorbell shoot colour video at night: all it needs is the “illumination from a streetlight or landscape lighting” to achieve this.

Ring Protect

As with Ring’s other products, the Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro needs a Ring Protect subscription to get the most out of it. With a plan, you get cloud storage for video, plus package and people detection.

The Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro will cost £199.99 and is available from 20 March 2024. We will have an early review sample, so can bring you a full review on the launch day.

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