Nintendo promises 'unique' experiences as Switch 2 looms

Nintendo has said it will meet the challenge of transitioning from the Switch to whatever’s next (*cough* Switch 2 *cough*) by working to ensure it offers gamers “unique propositions.”

After revealing the current generation of Switch consoles has now amassed almost 140 million sales (136.6m to be accurate), Nintendo was asked about how whether it can keep the momentum going whenever it decides to transition to a new generation.

The answer, from Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa, was surprisingly revealing.

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“The generational transition of platforms in the dedicated gaming console business is never easy. We have experienced significant challenges following successful platforms multiple times, so we never consider our current situation to be totally secure,” he said in comments reported and translated by VGC.

“Furthermore … our business is always exposed to great competition. From a broader entertainment perspective, not only video games but also various forms of leisure are competitors in this industry. In this environment, there’s an increasing need, more than ever before, to continue offering unique propositions to become a brand that customers choose.”

Ninty of course, still carries the scars of the Wii U flop that followed the all-conquering Nintendo Wii console. While the Wii sold over 100 million units, the sequel didn’t even make it to 14 million. So, Nintendo knows there are no guarantees the Switch 2 will be able to replicate the success of the original Switch range. It will be conscious of not resting on laurels, which can only be good news for fans.

Nintendo is rumoured to be planning to launch the console this year with a view to it going on sale ahead of the holiday season. What “unique propositions” Nintendo plans to add to the mix are being kept closely under wraps by the Japanese giant.

Recent reports have suggested the handheld portion of the console will have a larger 8-inch display than its predecessor, but will not debut with an OLED display. Our own Thomas Deehan reckons the rumoured “outdated display wouldn’t spell doom” for a Switch 2, but we’re ever-so intrigued by what Nintendo has to offer.

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