The new Samsung Galaxy A15 is going super cheap

You can currently grab one of Samsung’s latest phones, the Galaxy A15, on contract as part of an extremely cheap deal.

Samsung only unveiled the Galaxy A15 in mid-December, but there are already some great deals to be had on the company’s latest affordable smartphone.

This particular offer snags you the Galaxy A15 on a 24 month contract with 100GB of monthly data allowance for just £14.99 a month. There’s nothing to pay up front, either.

Get the Galaxy A15 for £14.99 a month

This deal gets you Samsung’s latest budget smartphone, the Galaxy A15, for just £14.99 a month.

  • 100GB monthly data
  • £14.99 a month, no up front fee

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As the name might have tipped you off, the Galaxy A15 is the follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy A14, which we found to be a “dependable budget phone” in our review last year.

Perhaps the biggest improvement, looking at its specs, is the addition of an AMOLED display rather than A14’s fine but slightly outdated LCD. We do like it when Samsung leads into its AMOLED expertise.

Elsewhere you’re getting a solid 50MP main camera (with back-up from a 5MP ultra-wide), an improved Helio G99 processor, and the company’s ever-dependable build quality and battery performance.

You also get Samsung’s promise of up to four years of software updates, and five years of security updates.

If you’re in the market for a basic but highly functional smartphone from a a trusted brand for all those day to day essentials, the Galaxy A15 looks like a safe bet. As part of this cheap monthly contract deal, it’s an even safer one.

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