Vision Pro repair costs without Apple Care will make your eyes water

Vision Pro repair costs without Apple Care will make your eyes water

The Apple Vision Pro is available for pre-order in the US today and, as such, we’re learning more about the cost of the device, the accessories and, importantly, the cost of repair.

While, Vision Pro with 1TB of storage will cost $3,899, a travel case is an extra $199, an additional light seal is $199, and an additional battery to take you beyond the 2/2.5 hours of use will cost $199. You can also pay an extra $99 for Zeiss lens inserts, or $149 for prescriptions.

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While many of these options are precisely that, you’re probably going to want to take up this one: Apple Care+. Two-years of Apple Care+ support will cost an additional $499. Or you could pay $24.99 a month for coverage.

While the Apple website says every “Vision Pro comes with one year of hardware repair coverage through its limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary technical support,” the AppleCare+ warranty will cover you for accidental damages.

With AppleCare+ each instance of accidental damages will cost $299 as a deductible, but that pales in comparison to the price of not having coverage.

Apple Care Vision ProApple Care Vision Pro

If you break the glass frontage on the Vision Pro, for instance, that’s $799 without Apple Care+. If the headset needs to be replaced completely, you’ll pay $2,399 without Apple Care.

In total, including Apple Care+, if you’re going to max out the Apple Vision Pro proposition, you’re looking at up to a five grand expenditure.

Early indications suggest sales are going well, with the most popular models seeing their delivery estimates slip into March. Either that, or Apple had limited quantities of the headset to sell out of the gate.

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