Amazfit Helio Ring smart ring announced at CES

Amazfit Helio Ring smart ring announced at CES

Wearables company Zepp has announced the Amazfit Helio Ring, a smart fitness wearable that you wear on your finger.

Rather than going the sleep tracker route like the Oura Ring, the Amazfit brand’s first ever smart ring is focused on athletic performance recovery monitoring. It’ll monitor comprehensive data on the wearer’s mental and physical condition, then supply an intuitive daily Readiness score via a smartphone app.

An athlete will then know whether they should be focusing the day ahead on activity or recovery.

Naturally there’s a full AI ecosystem backing all this up, and Zepp is offering a free three-month trial of its Aura rest and wellness service to anyone who buys the Helio Ring when it launches in March. This includes an AI chatbot (at a premium subscription price) that you can ask about your health, which is so 2024 it hurts.

The Amazfit Helio Ring itself is a simple-looking ring with a 2.6mm-thick titanium alloy external shell. It weighs less than 4g, and swimmers will be pleased to know that it also holds a 10ATM water resistance rating for full immersion at up to 100m.

Zepp claims that the Helio Ring is designed to be complementary to an Amazfit smartwatch like the Amazfit Cheetah Pro, with both devices providing their own forms of data and insight to the Zepp App. It can also be won independently, however.

There’s no specific release date information on the Amazfit Helio Ring right now, nor do we have anything in the way of pricing.

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