Wait till you see the Black Friday saving for the 1More Fit SE S30 headphones

Wait till you see the Black Friday saving for the 1More Fit SE S30 headphones

If you’re on the hunt for a pair of open-ear true wireless headphones this Black Friday then look no further than Amazon’s incredible deal on the 1More Fit SE S30.

The 1More Fit SE S30 were already a great affordable pick at their previous price tag of £69.99 but right now they can be yours for just £55.99 as they massively undercut the cost of similar open-ear headphones.

If you’ve not had a pair of open-ear headphones before then you might be wondering exactly how they compare with in-ear options, but there are quite a few benefits to going down the open-ear route.

1More Fit SE 30 are now 20% off

1More Fit SE 30 are now 20% off

The 1More Fit SE S30 headphones can now be had for just £55.99 as part of the Black Friday sale on Amazon

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  • Was £69.99
  • now £55.99

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For starters, by having a design that doesn’t cover your ears or block the ear-canal, the 1More Fit SE S30 don’t reduce your situational awareness when you’re listening to music or podcasts. This is particularly handy for any outdoor runners who need to pay attention to their surroundings, particularly if their route involves crossing a busy road or utilising a path that cars may drive down.

This also applies if you’re working at the office and you want to dive into a favourite playlist but still want to keep an ear out in case a colleague needs to get your attention. Situations like this are always a better fit for open-ear headphones.

Speaking of the fit, one of the other benefits of going with the open-ear design and specifically in the case of the 1More Fit SE S30, these headphones use earhooks to stay firmly in place when in use, which can oftentimes be far more reliable than a loose-fitting pair of in-ear headphones.

Let’s face it, if you are out for a run then the last thing you’d want is to lose a pair of earbuds mid-sprint but you won’t have to worry about that here as the 1More Fit SE S30 can stay firmly in place.

When the 1More Fit SE S30 are in use, you’ll be greeted to detailed and robust audio that can elevate all your favourite tracks and easily convey the vocals within any podcast or audiobook.

On the battery front, you’ll rarely find yourself in a bind as the 1More Fit SE S30 can last for up to 10-hours on a single charge but with the bundled charging case factored in, you can reach up to 30-hours of use which is almost unheard of in the on-ear headphone market. With that kind of longevity, the 1More Fit SE S30 are ideally suited for anyone looking to run long-distance or partake in a marathon.

Plus, thanks to the inclusion of four built-in microphones, the SE S30 can hone in on your voice during calls to ensure that the person on the other end of the line isn’t faced with any background noise from your surroundings.

While they’re available at such a low price, it’s hard to argue with what the 1More Fit SE S30 have to offer so if you’re in the market for some great running headphones then these are a solid pick.

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