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With more streaming services than ever before, you may want to cut down on your monthly bills and strike a few platforms from your roster. 

We are truly living in a golden age of television; not only are there dozens upon dozens of award-winning movies and TV shows available at your fingertips, but there are a plethora of streaming services cropping up on the market. 

With more than 100 streaming services to choose from, it can be hard to pick and choose which platform you actually need immediate access to. That’s why you may have come to the conclusion that Sky’s NOW service isn’t worth your time anymore; whether it doesn’t have any exclusive content that interests you or you just want to save a little money, cancelling your NOW subscription is a surprisingly simple process. 

If you want to learn how to delete your NOW account then make sure you keep reading, as we’re going to be running through the entire process in a simple step-by-step list. 

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The Short Version

  • Open up NOW
  • Click on My account
  • Click on Manage account
  • Click on NOW membership
  • Click Cancel membership
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click continue cancelling
  1. Step

    Open up NOW

    Open up NOW and log into your account. The starting page for NOW TV

  2. Step

    Click on My account

    Click on the My Account button, it is in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.Click on the little avatar in the corner

  3. Step

    Click on Manage account

    From the drop-down menu, click on Manage account to continue. Click on the manage account button

  4. Step

    Click on NOW membership

    Once you are on the Manage account page, click on NOW membership to view all of your current subscriptions. Click on the membership button

  5. Step

    Click on Cancel membership

    Click on the Cancel membership button. It will be in blue and if you have more than one subscription, such as Entertainment or Cinema, there will be separate buttons to cancel each membership separately. Click on the Cancel membership button

  6. Step

    Scroll to the bottom of the page

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page to continue the process. Scroll down to the bottom of this screen

  7. Step

    Click continue cancelling

    Click on the continue cancelling button to cancel your membership. You may have to repeat steps six and seven more than once, as NOW sometimes will give you multiple chances to keep your membership. Click on the continue cancelling button


Can I restart my NOW membership?

Yes, you can restart your NOW membership if you change your mind.

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