How to add a web app to your dock on MacOS Sonoma

MacOS Sonoma finally dropped in September and there’s a few new features to explore. You’re able to add websites to your dock as if they are an app all of their own. Here’s how to do it.

The latest version of MacOS Sonoma has landed and its worth getting your device updated if you’ve got a compatible model. One of the most interesting new feature is one we’ve seen on the Windows side of things for quite a while now.

In MacOS Sonoma, you can add a website to your dock, as if it was an app. This gives you quick access to a website you regularly visit. This is how you can get it done.

What you’ll need:

The Short Version

  1. Open your chosen website in Safari
  2. Select File
  3. Click Add to Dock
  4. Then, click Add

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  1. Step

    Open your chosen website in Safari

    Begin the process by opening up Safari in MacOS Sonoma.Open Safari

  2. Step

    Select File

    In the top left corner of your window, click File.Click File

  3. Step

    Click Add to Dock

    A drop down menu will appear. Select Add to Dock.Click Add to Dock

  4. Step

    Then, click Add

    Click Add in the pop-up window and your app will now be in the dock. You can also change the name and exact website address in this window, if you’d like.Select Add

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