How to use the web wings in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The web wings are one of the most notable new additions to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, allowing you to travel through New York at high speeds, especially in locations where swinging isn’t possible. 

The web wings are also compulsory for select missions, especially if you’re travelling over large bodies of water with no nearby skyscraper to latch onto with your web. 

However, it’s easy to forget how to actually use the web wings in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, so we’ve created this handy step-by-step guide.

What you’ll need

  • PS5
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The short version 

  1. Find a high location 
  2. Jump into the air 
  3. Press triangle on the DualSense controller 
  4. Use the left analogue stick to navigate Spider-Man
  5. Use wind tunnels to gain momentum
  1. Step

    Find a high location 

    You’ll need to find a high-up location before you activate your web wings, otherwise you’ll just splat on the ground. Either climb up a building, or start swinging. Spider-Man 2 web wings

  2. Step

    Jump into the air 

    Once you’ve found a high location to embark from, jump into midair. If you’re swinging instead, you can simply let go of your webbing while up in the sky. Spider-Man 2 web wings

  3. Step

    Press triangle on the DualSense controller 

    While you’re in midair, press triangle on the DualSense controller. This will activate the web wings. Spider-Man 2 web wings

  4. Step

    Use the left analogue stick to navigate Spider-Man

    By default, the web wings controls will be inverted by the Y-axis, so moving the analogue stick down will see Spider-Man veer upwards and vice versa. You can remove the inverted controls (or even add inversion for side-to-side movement) by diving into the settings. Spider-Man 2 web wings

  5. Step

    Use wind tunnels to gain momentum 

    The wing suit is dependent on momentum, so you’ll start falling to the ground when gliding too far. An easy way to gain momentum is to use wind tunnels. Keep an eye out for gusts of wind, as when approached, you’ll notice glow-up rings appear. Glide through them and then you’ll pick up speed while using the web wings to keep you up in the air for longer. Spider-Man 2 web wings through wind tunnel


Can both Peter and Miles use the web wings?

Yes, both Peter and Miles can use the web wings, no matter which suit you’re wearing.

Can I disable inverted movement for the web wings

Yes you can! Click on the Options button on the DualSense then go to Settings > Controls > Invert Web Wings Control and then pick your desired setup.

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